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Possible ways to save money on Amazon EC2 cloud

1) Amazon AWS Power Of 60 credit This offer is available until Dec. 31, 2013 :( 

2) $100 AWS Credit codes. Expires JUN2014.

3) Free Usage Tier (will expire in one year after you open your AWS account)
Each month, you have 

-> 750 hours of running a Linux/Unix/Windows t1.micro instance on EC2 (750/31 =24.1935483871)  
note that: e.g. 75 hours of running ten t1.micro instance  
-> Maximum 15 GB data processing  
-> 15 GB of outbound data transfer across all AWS services
For more information, please refer to this post

Tips: start and stop an EC2 instance once in an hour instead of doing that three times, the latter one will be counted as three hours of your free-tier allotment.

4) Saving Money with Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances 

5) Spot Instances

6) OpsWorks

2) Simple Monthly Calculator
3) AWS Support Pricing
4) credits


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