" My feeling is that when we prepare a program, the experience can be just like composing poetry or music; as Andrei Ershov has said, programming can give us both intellectual and emotional satisfaction, because it is a real achievement to master complexity and to establish a system of consistent rules. "

-- By Donald Knuth

The Art of Computer Programming

Spring MVC + GAE + Maven on local and remote

Google App Engine -> Reference Spring MVC + GAE + Maven Install Spring IDE by using Eclipse Marketplace Install GAE go to:...
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Unit Test for MapReduce

mrunit : helps developers unit test map reduce jobs -> Good Tutorial PowerMock and Mockito : can test and mock static and private met...
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Run Mahout build-in examples on Hadoop

1. Install Mahout $ git clone git://git.apache.org/mahout.git mahout-trunk $ cd mahout-trunk $ mvn install or $ mvn install -DskipTests=tru...
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Setup Hadoop 2.2.0 Yarn on single node cluster (Only for the Mac User)

Reference:  Hadoop 2.x Yarn on single node cluster Download :  Stable Version hadoop-2.2.0 -> hadoop-2.2.0.tar.gz   $ vim ~/.bash_p...
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Build an executable jar using Maven

1) Create an executable jar with dependencies using Maven -> add the following code into your pom.xml file -> Note to replace "fa...
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